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by Jeremy Hodge on July 26, 2012

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. I admit that I’ve succumbed to blogger fatigue, but one of the real reasons I wasn’t writing much is that I succumbed to career fatigue and couldn’t nail down my passion and what I wanted to write about.

I used to say that I was “pursuing a career in the tech world,” which is an incredibly broad and vague statement, but it’s also how I felt about my career path. Being a generalist in my Account Executive position at Euro exposed me to a variety of disciplines which I found interesting, and it’s that exposure that made me want to switch into a specialist position. I thought about getting an MBA, considered getting into programming, toyed with the idea of pursuing visual design and just felt really confused, I was trying to attain a bunch of skills with no clear goal.  In the spring, I got a call from IBM Research asking if I was interested in applying for a job creating content for their new website. It seemed like an interesting opportunity, so I pursued it and was lucky enough to land it.

I’ve been in the position now for a little over two months and have been focused on variety of content strategy aspects for the IBM Research website, including web writing and editorial work, information architecture, search engine and web optimization, and content management and CMS implementations. I really love the work I’m doing and it has made me realize at a deeper level what my passion is; making information discoverable and usable and using storytelling and other methods to effectively communicate with a user. In a way, this isn’t much of a stretch from when I was college majoring in music. Except instead of the written word as a medium to communicate, I was using music.

So I intend to blog a lot more, as I finally feel like I have something that I want to talk about. Also, In the past couple of months through writing and editing stories for the IBM Research site, I’ve been exposed to a lot of really cool innovations and new technologies. Being that I’m quite the nerd, these have been very enjoyable to work on. I love taking these incredibly complex projects, boiling them down to their essentials and building a narrative that makes the average person realize how awesome these projects are. In fact, I’ll probably start providing my own commentary on some of our stories right here.

Stay tuned.

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