My name is Jeremy Hodge and my interests fall at the intersection of communication, design, technology and business. I believe technology can be a great tool to solve problems, yet I often feel that people are caught up in features and flash of a new device or platform, rather than looking at the problem that they’re trying to solve, whether it’s iPads in schools or gamifying something.

I’m interested in how large scale systems work whether it’s a company, a city, or our financial system, yet I appreciate the small details in our lives, right down to how we interact with everyday objects and pieces of information.

I believe businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities they work in and help solve some of our societal issues, unfortunately, I feel like most “corporate social responsibility” campaigns are nothing more than marketing tactics cloaked in altruism.

I work as content strategist at IBM Research where I tell stories and develop experiences that showcase our scientists, technologies and solutions that will shape our future.

I have an unhealthy obsession with public radio and podcasts. I listen to every new episode of these shows (in no particular order):

This American Life


99% Invisible

Planet Money


The Moth Podcast

BackStory with the American History Guys

Decode DC

The Memory Palace

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!


On the Grid

The Truth

Let’s Make Mistakes

HBR IdeaCast

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UIE Brainsparks

I love to read and try to keep a balanced diet of non-fiction and fiction.

I received my BFA from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music where I studied jazz performance (tenor saxophone is my main axe) and composition. While music isn’t my profession, I still love to play, compose and listen to music.

For the lawyers: Anything written here is my own opinion and does not represent the views of my employer. Contents may settle during shipping.